LEGO Steampunk in 50 Bricks or Less

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Entry #11 By: The Cure-All Pill

Bonnie Beth

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Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank


Entry #12 By: Darthperson8

A Trike Vehicle

Photobucket Gallery



Entry #13 By: Alex

Flitter Flyer

Read all about it here!

Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank
8th (Tie)


Entry #14 By: CyberLizard

Captain Harvey Winthrop, III wishes to throw his flying contraption into the ring.

See more here.

Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank
17th (Tie)


Entry #15 by: BecTodd

Thomas the Punk Steamengine

Making steam even steamier.

Photos and parts list at the Brickshelf Gallery

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Entry #16 by: Alex

I couldn't resist this, a SteamPunk Disco.

At work we are designing some lighting systems, and when I got home today my son leaped out at me with a flashing Bionicle - the rest, as they say...

There are two different sets. In the one posting, though, the GoGo girl was an afterthought.


Entry #17 By: Ed M

This is general concept of an autoumated observation deck which one might fit into a larger model. The idea for this model started off with the part 32291 'Technic Axle Joiner Perpendicular Double'. To me this part (clear) looked like a pair of goggles or some sort of viewing scope. I thought it would be neat to have these "goggles or scope" twisted downward in a spiral type curve into position over an operator's seat. Then I added the idea of bringing in the seat at the same time as the scope dropped down.

From this idea I built the model which I think achieves the motion I wanted. There is some room for improvement on the basic design; the two bevel gears on top are slightly loose and the position of the seat and scope when meeting are slightly off 90 degrees. There is also room to expand the idea like having the scope follow an additional circular path possible on another gear around the 40 tooth gear or having some portion of the deck raise up like through a whole in the base.

Total part count - 28 pieces (parts list, image)

For more photos and movies(sample) see the brickshelf folder.


Entry #18 By: SlyOwl

My entry, the Elliecopter:
-Brickshelf Gallery


Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank


Entry #19 By: CommanderJake

Steamula-1 car

This was my first, and by far my favourite of the three. I think I managed toblend formula one styling with steampunk design quite well, but I found that the 50 part limit was very hard to keep to if I wanted the car to be structurally sound.

Please don't complain about the colour, if the Steampunk victorians invented steam power and whatnot, they surely would have taken the time to paint their cars in their team colours, thus the Ferrari red.

(Breakdown of parts:

Entry #20 By: CommanderJake


This was my third and second favourite of the three. The shape came out really well, and I'm glad that I used the technic bits on the front instead of minifig skis, which would have seemd to small. I managed to fit in a nice big boiler, at the cost of a good looking rear tread, as all the other options except for building a fake and immovable one would have required waaaay to many pieces.

(Breakdown of parts:

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