LEGO Steampunk in 50 Bricks or Less

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Entry #21 By: CommanderJake


My second and least favourite of the three, what i interpreted as a small and lightweight version of the NASA EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) soon became bigger and more cumbersome. the moving wings and the pistons make it up for me though, because they're just cool, and it was good fun to build!

(Breakdown of parts:


Entry #22 By: TorresDesigns

Lego Queen Ship Rutela

Here is my entry for the steampunk contest:


Entry #23 by: tchad


I discovered the Star Wars Vehicle contest too late to enter.  But in those final days I considered the smallest vehicle from Star Wars: Yoda’s hover chair.  This contest gave me the excuse to build it!

The concept started with the idea to use a gear for the platform and to suggest the edge of Yoda’s chair with the tubing.  I tried to make the propellers really turn together, but it just wouldn’t work at this scale without serious ugliness.

The steam chair's efficient double boiler engine is balanced by the water tank in front.  The single propeller on the back can pivot to adjust thrust direction while the two propellers on the base provide constant lift. Parts used (43 by my count).


Entry #24 by: TheJakester1997

167-82 Motorized Steambike

Brickshelf Gallery:


Entry #25 By:Nannan

Dr. Duram’s Steam Flyer


The doc cruises through the sky in his self-invented amazing steam-powered flyer. With the highly mobile steering propeller and the trusty navigational device, he’ll never be late to attend to his patients. Model contains 50 pieces.

-Nannan Z.

Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank
11th (Tie)


Entry #26 By:Alex

Red Wing Flier.

Though the first one I built, it just felt too "King of the Rocketmen" or "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" to be Steampunk. But, under the silver cowling is a "phosphonic" boiler, so it is steam...

Entry #27 By: Semi brick

Dr. steam P. unk's marvelous wheeled propeller machine.

the brick total come up to 37 bricks in all.


I enjoyed building this model in LDD. now onto dr. steam's description.

I know that someday that my M.W.P.M. will be turned into a more detailed greater version!!!!there are two Very small boilers on either side of the machine.Any liquid can be used to power this machine,but i recommend water as it makes the most steam.DO NOT USE OIL however,as that will make the machine explode.To start the machine,simply bull both levers back and wait for boilers to start.To buy a M.W.P.M contact me.The price is simply 345.99!!!WHAT A BARGAIN!


Entry #28 By: Koda

My entry:

A kind of reversed chopper thingy


Entry #29 By: SirNadroj

Mr. Monkeywrench's Fantastical Tailor Contraption (loom)

Discussion thread (ignore the first MOC: look at the last two in my first post:)

And a gallery of the pics:

Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank
11th (Tie)


Entry #30 By: SirNadroj

The Wonderous Clockwork Punk

Discussion thread (ignore the first MOC: look at the last two in my first post:)

And a gallery of the pics:

Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank


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