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Entry #41 By: Ed M

Ralph J. Somerby, inventor and engineer, built this highly experimental (and highly dangerous) solo steam rocket. The simple design consist of a nozzle to direct steam in a large blast radius using a custom diffuser. Above the steam nozzle is a basic structure to hold the steam tank and the operators seat. The operator has a simple valve mechanism which allows for a somewhat gradual releasing of steam out the diffuser and steam nozzle.

The steam tank must be filled on the ground before flight. There are two gauges giving both the filling operator a good view of the current state of pressure along with the operator while sitting in his seat (blue and white gauge respectively). Due to the location of the steam nozzle and the operator seat the rocket has a tendency to drift towards the port side. This drift could be fixed by more parts to help direct the steam. But further attempts to tweak this design were dropped after his wife discouraged further "playing with such dangerous machinery".

Total part count - 47 pieces (parts list, bom)

For more picture stills and amazing moving still frame images please visit the design logbooks at the Brickshelf Library.


Entry #42 By: tchad

Now you can store over 5 minutes of music in your pocket! With the convenient Cupertino Concertmatic!

The Concertmatic can both record and play using the wax cylinder built right inside. Turn the wheel on the front and watch the cylinder turn inside. All of the gears spin as the needle amplifies the audio stored within!

The handsome Concertmatic is made with the finest ebony and ivory bringing to mind the very pianoforte that might be recorded inside! Sold separately is the fine ivory ampliphone and the wind up docking station.

Warning: do not keep the Concertmatic in a pocket against your body as the wax may melt!


Took forever to get this down to 50 pieces (boy is that black plate dusty!). Thumb wheel, all gears and the cylinder all turn together.

Entry #43 By: Roguebantha

The DragonFly!

The wings move up and down as the pistons move in and out. 45 parts all told.

There's more pictures on flickr


Entry #44 By: SirNadroj

I give you the newest steampunk technology in portable music:


And more here:


Entry #45 By: TK1420

Here is a little Star Wars pod-racer inspired "SteamPod"

A side view

From the top

And the parts

My apologies for the crummy pictures. My good camera has decided to quit taking stills for some reason and I had to use my camera phone.


Entry #46 By: Roren42

Here is my entry, a speeder of the Star Wars variety.



Entry #47 By: Donnovan Knight

May I present Mr. Vandersnoot's Steam Powered Coach.

There's some bonus features in there as well.

I also suffered from brick envy so I had to buy a couple sets to get the pieces I needed.

Had to use all 50 bricks for this, but I'm amazed at what can be created with so few bricks.


Entry #48 By: Horace C

Here's my entry, a steampunk Ornithropter named "Motte" ("Moth" in German).

Be sure to check out the gif animation to see it in action!

- Horace

Playability Creativity Steampunk Style Rank

Entry #49 By: SirNadroj

Steampunk Barrel Organ

Based on traditional barrel organs/monkey grinders. Invented to entertain London citizens.

More pictures here:



Entry #50 By: John M. Rudy

Leftenant Thaddeus Greene's Patent Pending Selenite Rover

Leftenant Thaddeus Greene, of Her Majesty's Royal Lunar Exploration Corps, and his spit-polished wonder of a lunar rover. Ready to take down any moon-men he may encounter, Leftenant Greene wields a matter disintegrator raygun that doubles as a communications apparatus. He is ready for a smashing time taming the selenite hordes.

(50 pieces as I count, inclusive of turntable as two separate parts)


Both entries may be found in my flickr set "Lego Steampunk Contest Entries".

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