Every once in a while I take a break from working on the Webcomic and other projects to try out a new theme or style that's emerged in the LEGO community. Lately, I've been facinated by "Cube Dudes"

Created by Pixar's Angus MacLane, CubeDudes are little not-quite-miniland scale creations with a very distinctive look and flavor to them. Check out the Flickr Pool here.

I've created a few models in the style - click on the thumbnails below to see bigger versions in my Flickr Stream.

CubeDude Firefly Cast - Group Shot 2 CubeDude Firefly Cast - Group Shot CubeDude Mal
CubeDude Kaylee CubeDude Kaylee CubeDude Zoe
CubeDude Jayne CubeDude Jayne in Hat CubeDude Wash
CubeDude Simon CubeDude Simon and River CubeDude River
CubeDude Book CubeDude Book  

Inara is on the way - I didn't have the right bricks on hand to complete her yet....

Here are my other CubeDude efforts:

Black Knight Cube Dude Black Knight - Disarmed! Sinestro CubeDude v2
  Spider Jerusalem LEGO Cube Dude  

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