Delirium Memorial

This was possibly the toughest LEGO creation I've ever built. Not from any technical or engineering standpoint, but from the emotions involved.

On May 19th, 2006, we said "Goodbye" to our cat, Delirium. I built this LEGO effigy of her; the body will eventually be completed as a reliquary to hold her ashes.

Dee was a feisty cat, and although she spent her life as an indoor cat, there was never any doubt that she was a hunter. You didn't want to get between her and butter - or a potato chip. People learned quickly not to try and feed her treats by hand - she'd take part of your finger with it.

Part Siamese, her voice was one of constant complaint. She always sounded cranky; in fact we learned to listen for when she stopped complaining - that was usually when there was actually a problem.

When I tried to capture Dee in LEGO bricks, I tried to focus on those qualities that made her stand out from all the other cats on the planet. The slightly angry expression - the mouth just opening to meow in protest to something (anything!),

Creating likenesses has never been my strong suit - but in this case I don't think I was too far from the mark. I'd like to think Dee would be pleased.

You can click on the next four photos for larger views.


I hope to update this page once I've been able to complete the body. Even if using it to hold the ashes turns out not to be feasible, I'd like to complete things, just out of respect.



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