The Cockpit

The cockpit is located on the starboard side of the ship. The decking is on the same level as the main wedges; a small access ladder provides access to and from the main cargo deck.

As noted earlier, since the Steampunk Falcon is strictly an in-atmosphere craft, the cockpit has no need of being pressurized and is open to the sky. A small railing that guards the back edge and a series of arches help retain the shape of the Star Wars version without being obnoxious about it.


The front of the cockpit is much flatter than the Star Wars version - a real no-no for aerodynamics, I know. You have to admit, though, it looks quite spiffy. For those of you who hate that part, though, there's a second version using a chain-link edging to the right.

Here's a detail shot of the controls - plenty of levers to move about and a small computer read out to keep everything organized. The compass between the seats is a holdover from LEGO Pirate set - it adds a nice retro touch to things. The color is a bit off on the photo above (stupid flash!), but the seats are a deep red color, suggesting a construction of rich Corinthian Corellian leather.

We move now to the Cargo Deck to see what else there is to see!

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