Serenity in LEGO

Building progressed pretty smoothly over the next couple of weeks. I'd put in an hour or so here, a few hours on a weekend there. And, soon enough, the overall shape of Serenity started to become apparent.

This shot shows the cargo section more of less complete, and the first draft of the neck. Oh, that neck. The source images I was working from were all horizontal or perpendicular angles - and in these early stages I made some horrible extrapolations as to how that neck needed to be shaped. Worse still, I kept putting too many greebles everywhere. (For those of you who are lucky enough not to be completely addicted to LEGO bricks, "greebles" is AFoL (Adult Fan of LEGO) slang for small decorative bits that add visual interest to a creation. ) Serenity's hull needed to be smoother.

But the neck would serve for the time being. At this point I didn't have enough of the right colored bricks to complete the second nacelle. I would end up running back to BrickLink several times for part orders. By the end of the project I had spent around $150 on various parts. (Most of that was for the lighting effects - those bricks aren't cheap.)

Here's a top view of the progress. The aft end of the cargo area would remain mostly unbuilt until the very end, when I had to figure out how to link it up with the Firefly Drive section. At this early stage I hadn't decided on adding the lighting effects, as evidenced by the rear window just sitting on top of the roof.

Next up....The Firefly Drive takes shape
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