Serenity in LEGO

The next time I stopped to take progress pictures, most of the Firefly Drive was complete. I had based my design around a LEGO brick dome in transparent orange. The dome consists of four pieces - and I had to order all of them. I had wanted to construct the dome out of a more Series-Accurate transparent yellow - but LEGO had only produced that part in Yellow in one set....back in 1988. No one had the part for sale - and even if they had I couldn't have afforded the likely asking price on my LEGO budget. The orange is an acceptable "pretty close", though.

Here's a rear view of Serenity at this point. Note the slight changes to the cargo area. This is due to my rebuilding it to incorporate battery-operated LEGO light bricks. My goal was to have the bridge, dining area, and Firefly Drive light up. You can click on the image above to see a huge version of the photo.

Taking a look from the front, you can see the internal wiring and naked light where the bridge will eventually be. You can also see the light in the front window of the cargo area (the dining area). And, obviously, the parts had come in to let me complete that second nacelle. Again, click on the photo for a larger view.

One more angle on the interim progress. The red bricks just aft of the cargo area are where I'm waiting on parts to complete the "wheel of light" that exists under the main drive ring. Yes, you can clicky clicky for the bigger view.

Finally, here's a shot of the Firefly Drive with the covers open. The lower two fins gave me trouble for a long time - gravity would tend to pull them open when the ship was just sitting there. I ended up bracing them with a LEGO brick when not "in use".

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