Serenity in LEGO

The detailing on Serenity isn't limited to the top and sides of the ship. I took the time to try and add detail wherever I could. For example, here's a head-on shot of the bridge area.

Truly a face only a mother could love. But the sensor arrays match up with the source photos. Even the little black dots represent an attempt to abstract details from the source photos.

The underside of the ship, also has quite a bit of detailing.

Here you see the front cargo hatch. If you look closely, you can see hinges along the bottom front edge. This hinge allows the cargo bay door to fold down, just like in the TV series. Sadly, it doesn't look very impressive, so I didn't bother getting a photo of it.

The combination of Dark Grey and Dark Bluish-Grey (Bley) LEGO bricks looks pretty good to me - but it's sure to cause some angsty feelings in the AFoL crowd. The majority of them hate the Bley colored bricks, as they replaced the standard Grey in LEGO's formulary.

Serenity's hull is pretty smooth, so I avoided going for too much detailing on the sides and underside of the neck. (There are actually several iterations on the design of the neck area where I was still putting in bogus details just to "make things more visually interesting." I soon learned my lesson, however: Save the creative modifications for my own designs.)

This hatch is on the very bottom of the ship - and matches up with the access hatch used in episodes like "The Train Job". I wanted to be sure to get a photo of it, as the underside of my version will rarely see the light of day.

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