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The Shrine of the Lost Meatball was probably the first section of the church to reach "complete" status. I had been interested in building a large-scale LEGO tree for a while, and this project gave me a good excuse to see what I could come up with.

This first shot shows the path leaning up to the shrine. The large window-area in the church would eventually be replaced with the bubble-glass enclosure - it only made sense that the Shrine should be easily viewable from inside. (Plus it let me get away with one less mural to build.)

If you look closely, you can see that the Meatball Tree sits on the back edge of one of the LEGO Base plates. I had hoped that the exterior landscaping plates could be removed for easy storage/transport, but the final look required a much more integrated design.

In this shot you get a good view of the bench and decorative/informative plaque, as well as a nice angle on the tree itself. The green vines are the same piece as the standard LEGO horse-whip, just made of green plastic. The meatballs are just 1x1 round tiles, with a 1x1 clip to attach them to the vines.

These shots show the backside of the tree - the area to the right would get built up quite a bit to become the picnic grounds. Also note the gaping hole in the wall where the FSM Mural would eventually appear. Please ignore my very ugly left-over-from-college hand-me-down couch in the first shot. I blew all my money on LEGO bricks and haven't been able to replace it yet.

This angle shows the picnic grounds and the beach. At this point I had no idea that I would be including the Pirate Docks. Also note the lack of the path along the side of the Church - that addition would come along with the Docks.

Here's one more glamour shot of the Meatball Tree. The shape of the tree would change slightly by the end - I'd knock the top 1/3rd of it off a couple of times by accident while trying to get into storage bins.

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