Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
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This project was completed in several "spurts" of activity. I'd build on it for a while, then I'd get stuck on some detail or another. As a result this project as a whole took about three times as long to complete as it should have - if you remove all the chunks of time that things sat completely idle I would have had this done in early November of 2005, instead of completing it on New Year's eve.

Anyway, after the next round of building, the front Facade had undergone some revisions. The main entrance had been heightened to allow for the use of giant "wood" doors, and the height of the walls had been more or less established. There would be another two or three bricks worth of height added when I reached the point of adding the actual roof, though.

This shot gives a decent idea of the Noodly Architecture, although the flash washed out some of the depth to the wall. I considered putting in two sets of doors to match the FSM's meatballs, but the scale doesn't really allow for it. Perhaps if I ever get funding for a CATHERDRAL of the FSM, I'll give that a go. (If you feel like sponsoring an effort like that, go drop some cash in the tip jar with a note that it's for the FSM Cathedral project.)

Tilting up a bit on the angle shows a bit more of the depth to the front masonry. Also note the extended path heading alongside the church, back towards the brand new dock area.

If you squint, you can also make out the wheelchair accessible door on the left wall. This was just roughing in the position where the chair lift would eventually be built. As it happens, the doors are in the completely wrong spot in this photo.

This angle shows the replacement to the unfinished glass-brick wall overlooking the Shrine of the Lost Meatball. I had intended, when the interior was built, to add a small seating area allowing for quiet contemplation of the tree even if it does happen to be raining. The final design didn't allow enough space for that, so this area would eventually be turned into another flower garden. It still provided a nice view of the tree from the church interior, though.

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