Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Construction Photos

The original layout for the Church had two "floating reliquaries" out over the water. The smaller footprint of the final church meant I had a corner with water access...but nothing planned for it. But what would a Church of the FSM be without a way for the Pirates to park?

The answer, of course, was to add a dock. And a little Pirate Rowboat. The palm tree also adds to the theme - as well as accidentally establishing the church somewhere warm. I somehow doubt that tree would fare well on the coast of Lake Michigan.

This shot gives a better view of the "wheelchair access" doors in their original position mid-atrium.

Here's a closer view of the dock. There's space for two rowboats - the big ship will have to stay out in the harbor for now. Note the Pirate Fish mural looking on in quiet approval. Also note the life-vests and other safety equipment on the dock - just because you're a bloodthirsty pirate doesn't mean you can't take precautions!

You can also see the backside of the Meatball Tree has been built up a bit to better integrate it with the landscaping as a whole.

You can almost see the wall carving of the FSM behind the palm tree's fronds - look for more information about it in the Isolated Details pages.

Just one more shot - you can see how easily the sea can be extended by just adding more blue base plates. The Church of the FSM is ready for inclusion in even the largest Train Layouts. ;)

Meanwhile, the mechanics of the pulpit were taking shape. This series of gears allows for the spinning platforms - as well as letting the FSM at the apex to rotate as well. The turntable gear at the end of the series turned out to be overkill - one of the smaller gears would have worked just as well for the demands that would be placed on it.

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