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Once again there was a big lag in construction - and then something clicked and I was able to complete another section of the church. This time I had enough momentum to complete two of the walls, the pulpit, and most of the VIP seating area.

This shot shows the jump in progress. There's a new mural along the side wall, a new window-bubble in the corner, and an entirely new back wall construction. The wheelchair access doors are now very close to their final location as well.

First, let's take a closer look at the new "Beer Volcano" mural. I used transparent yellow bricks for the beer-flow - this allows for light to shine through from either side of the wall. This mural was probably the toughest one to construct - I kept trying to add too much detail to the image, rendering it more or less illegible. Finally, though, I came up with this design which my wife could identify without any hints.

From early on I knew I wanted to pulpit/lectern to incorporate the Pirate theme of the FSM Church. While I had some LEGO one-piece boat front-ends that might have worked, I opted for this slightly more stylized design. It provided for a much clearer view of the priest - or, in this case, my little mini-figure effigy of myself wearing a Princess Leia wig. As I recall, I didn't want to lose that wig piece, so I stuck it on one of the "bald" figures that I had handy - and that turned out to be "me". Plus, I look really good with cinnamon buns on the side of my head.

Just behind the lectern is the stripper's dance floor. The poles rotate on the same gear system that makes the pulpit spin. The small ladder (mirrored on the other side) allows for access to and from the dance floor and lectern. That's a "Fabuland" anthropomorphic cow figure looking up at the male stripper - all are welcome in this church, apparently.

Here's a shot of the rear bubble-window and new FSM Logo Mural. The rear windows were designed to hold both a tree and a midget - not quite the reliquaries I had first envisioned, but better than nothing. The FSM Logo Mural is two sided - but two bricks thick. That was necessary for "FSM" to read correctly on both sides.

Note the exposed gear at the middle of the rear wall - rotate it and the fun starts inside.

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