Heinlein's Gay Deciever - In LEGO® Bricks

Glamor Shot

And here she is. Miss Gay Deceiver - in full LEGO®-y goodness. (You can click on all the images for larger views.) In the end, Gay was revealed to be a very compact ship - but with enough space that I was able to add in all the detail I could reasonably include. (LEGO® has thus far not released pieces for working lasers or radar. More's the pity.)

Let's begin our tour by taking a look at the exterior. Gay is no convertible - her cabin is fully enclosed and able to be pressurized.

Shortly after that toast Zebadiah pressure-tested Gay Deceiver's shell - four atmospheres inside her and a pressure gauge sticking out through a fitting in her shell. - page 73

Side ViewThe deck of the ship is even with the bottom of the front windscreen - the space below is used for the retractable wheels. In this mode, the wheels barely protrude. This is Gay's "roadable" mode - she's a duo - able to perform both as a ground craft as well as an atmospheric one. Her wings are fully retracted and she's two studs wider than the front windows at her waist.

Another side viewA view directly from the side shows the matching door/window combo. When seated in the rear passenger seats, there is a direct line of sight through these windows to the ground below. There are a couple of places in the story where the people in the back seat talk about seeing out of side windows mounted in the door, so I had to include it.

"I looked down through my door's port, saw a pair of legs and a swagger cane - inferred a torso." - page 245

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