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Welcome to the interior of the Hall of Justice! In the cartoon we saw a lot of the inside of the Hall - mostly our heroes standing in front of the Troublealert or framed against a background of wall-mounted computers. I think they even sat down at the conference table once or twice.

The Hall of Justice is a lot like the Tardis of Dr. Who fame - it's a lot bigger on the inside than the exterior lets on. Let's take a look at one of the design sketches I was able to locate on-line:

This is the image that let me set the scale for the Hall as a whole. The "Front Entrance doors" are just to side of the central computer/Troublealert area. Matching those to exterior details let me estimate out the rest of the dimensions. The image above also gives an idea of where the roof's dome intersects things, as well as how the inside of the arch interacts with things.

There were a few details I had to pass on - the art suggests that the back half of the Hall is actually sunken below street level a foot or two with two steps leading down. Since I built the Hall directly on the base plates, there was no real way to go "down". Also the "Fitted Radiating Wall Drapes" had to go. The image of Justice above the Troublealert was modified, which cost me the walk through on the walkway. But, other than those concessions, the rest is really close to the cartoon.

For example, take the computer banks shown in the detail at right. Just like a cheap cartoon, I made one segment of a computer bank and then just duplicated it a bunch of times. (There are actually three different computer panel styles - a 2x4 plate, a 4x4 plate, and a 6x4. The 6x4s are designed to run along the longer walls in a seamless pattern. If you want to know where the breaks are, the 2x2 decorated tile you see on the top of thin 2x4 bank on the left side of the image repeats on the top-right edge of each of the 4x6 plates.

As usual, I've broken this section of the review into several pages to help with loading times. (The images are pretty big) Next up, we'll take a look at the central table.

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