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Starting off, here's a side-by-side comparison of the Cartoon Design to my LEGO-ized version. The viewing angles don't match up exactly, but hopefully you'll get a sense that the scale is very close between the two.

The image of justice could almost be mistaken for sculpture in the other images of the Hall's interior, but the sketch above shows it was just a flat image on the wall. I debated making a Mosaic of Justice in a style similar to the ones the Church of the FSM, but I wasn't able to make a recognizable image in the space I had to play with. The solution was to take some creative license and go with the "sculpture" alternate view.

My version of "Justice" is shown at left - I think the base figure came from a Harry Potter set - and that's a Sextant she's holding instead of scales - but all in all a fairly recognizable likeness. Just be glad I didn't document my attempts to give her a blindfold. *Shudder*

I spaced out the "steps" area a bit more in my version - it was a "how thick are those lines?" issue - when they were closer together you didn't see it as two lines, but rather the space in between them, if that makes any sense. Regardless, you can tell I was in sad shape when it came to brick selection by the end of this project - those lines could have been a lot smoother if I had had longer tiles left.

One of the other focal points of the room is the central table. It really wasn't very functional when you think about it - it was sloped up all the way around with no flat surfaces at all for our heroes to set a tasty beverage on. In the cartoon version the central computer screen area is also slanted, but attempting to match that slope in LEGO brick format made the table so tall that you couldn't make eye-contact across it. I don't think it suffers too much for the slight alternation. The central globe is a Crystal Ball mounted below the table's surface.

The table itself is mounted on a swivel to give it the correct orientation. All of the chairs are also on pivots, which helps when seating Mini-Figures.

Up next, we'll look at the back end of the Hall and talk about why the design team was obviously high when they created the interior.

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