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When I build something one of my main concerns is "playability". I've built a few things that were meant to just "sit there and look pretty", but nothing is as satisfying as putting in details that enhance imagination and storytelling. When it came to the Super Friend's Troublealert...well, I knew I wanted to do something fun.

The Troublealert was the real focus of the interior of the Hall of Justice. With a towering 12"+ screen, it dwarfed even Green Lantern's huge ego. No matter if it was showing some nameless UN official of the pirate-broadcast head of Lex Luthor, there's was always something going on with the Troublealert.

When making the conversion to LEGO, I decided to take advantage of all the time I'd spent building LEGO Vignettes. The space behind the main screen was roughly 10x10 - more than enough room to squeeze in those 8x8 base plates.

The image above shows the Troublealert in its "disassembled" state. Just a 10x10 chamber waiting for something to happen. The statue of Justice was built as a removable block. (Two reasons for that: First, to allow for easier insertion of Vigs into the Troublealert. The second, by removing the statue area the roof would still be able to close!)

Step two was simply the insertion of whatever vig you wanted to display. The cool thing is you can put anything in there (provided it will fit.)

The final step is to put the glass "TV Screen" up in front of the vig and secure it with the Justice Statue. And suddenly the Super Friends have something new to worry about!

To finish off this section, here's a shot of all the component parts of the Troublealert, with a giant-robot-destroying-the-city scene at the ready.

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