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Up the (currently pink) stairs you'll find the 2nd floor of Brick House. At the stairs is a small hallway area with stairs (also being replaced when parts come in) up to the third floor and two doors - one to the master bedroom and one to the shared full bathroom.

The master bedroom take up the left hand side of the second floor. Through the doorway you'll find the king sized bed (six studs wide - enough room for three in comfort - or up to twelve if you have some sort of lubrication). Taking advantage of the large picture window there's a reading chair and lamp just visible in the lower corner of the photo, above.

Also in the bedroom there's a couple of storage bins and a bookcase, but sadly I don't have a good shot of them at present. I'm sure they'll show up in the strip.

Just to the left of the bed is an alcove containing a small half-bath. You can see it more clearly in the detail below:

(The big gap to the right is where the stairs from the first floor come up - compare with the first photo on this page.)

This second full view shows the advantage of having the front wall of the house as a single unit - a nice, unobstructed view of the bedroom and bathroom. The grey bricks on the right hand wall of the bedroom are actually hollow storage cabinet bricks. Trust me.

The main bathroom (shared by all residents of the house) has a huge two-seater tub (thank you Time Twisters!) that's currently partly obscured by the temporary stairs up to the third floor. The notch in the floor is filled (when the 2nd floor is combined with the 1st) with the cabinetry and plumbing pictured below.

The blue tile floor touches up against the tan bricks at the cabinet's base - the white tile "counter" is raised by roughly a full brick's height above the floor when everything is assembled.

Note the full sink (bigger than the one in the kitchen, actually), the green glycerine "soap", and the vanity mirror. What a touch of elegance!

One more place left to explore at the moment - the third floor. You coming along?

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