Make your own LEGO figure!

Design your own customized Mini-figure! If you do decide you’d like to own it, just click on the “Buy ME” button to add the figure to a secure PayPal cart.

For the past few years there’s been one question about the Mini-Mizer I’d never been able to answer the way I wanted to. One question that kept people awake at night, that caused the universe to tremble, that brought tears to the eyes of many a small child.  Well, okay. Maybe it wasn’t that important of a question. But it did come up a lot. What was that question?

“Can I buy the figure I created?”

Well, the Mini-Mizer offers parts than the LEGO company hasn’t made yet – but that’s no reason not to try. By cleverly limiting the choices to parts I can supply, I came up with the “Buy-Me-Mizer“. The easy and fun way to make your own custom “Sig-Fig”, Avatar, or Mini-You. (I’d call it a L’il Ego (or even a L’Ego) but I don’t want to hear from the LEGO company’s lawyers. So pretend you didn’t read this line.)

Please note the shopping cart opens in a new window.  (If you’re not seeing the shopping cart after clicking “buy me”, please turn off your pop-up blocker for this page!) To have multiple figures in an order, don’t click “Check Out” on the shopping cart page until you have all your figures in there! Just return to this page, design a new figure and click “Buy Me” and it will be added to the other figures in your cart.

Each figure costs a mere $4.99 plus shipping.
($5.79 with a second accessory)

Shipping Rates

Most orders are mailed within 2-3 business days of being placed. Please be aware that recent USPS postal rate increases have made international orders more expensive to ship.

In the United States Cost
Standard Shipping w/Delivery Confirmation(First Class, Up to 10 minis in a single order) $3
Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation(More than 10 minis auto-upgrades to Priority) $6
International Orders Cost
International First Class
(Up to 6 minis, Available for most countries)
International Priority
(Available worldwide,
Auto-upgrade for more than 6 minis)