Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 11

When Ed the Raven arrived on day two I quipped something about his connection to Edgar Allan Poe. I think that might have been a mistake - I think that the Playmobil Advent Calendar might have more in common with Alfred Hitchcock. In particular, his movie: The Birds.

Day Eleven dawns with the arrival of four more avians - giving birds a seven-to-two advantage over the human characters. (Seven to ONE against the Dog, come to think of it.) Today's box also includes two white blobs to attach to the tree...

Ed: Hey, Phil, why'd you move to that new ...branch.....? OH, GROSS. Did you just leave two huge droppings? RIGHT OVER MY HEAD?

Phil: That would have been funny. But, no. Those two white globs formed on their own just now. I hopped over here to keep from getting my feet dirty.

Ed: What they heck are they? Snow? Nests?

Phil: I'm not sure. I could try tasting one...

Ed: That's nasty.

Phil: Evil is as evil does.

Ed: You think Sarah might know what's going on?

Phil: Are you kidding? She's just a dupe - a clueless fool being dragged from one day's Advent Offering to the next. How could she possibly be aware of the significance of these...."whatever they are"s?

Sarah: I can hear you, you know, Owl.

Phil: Don't mind me, my dear. Go back to thinking about ...whatever it was you were thinking about.

Birdy2: She was contemplating her life's path!

Birdy3: Yes, indeedy.

Phil: Gah! Where did you two come from?

Birdy2: We sensed that Birdy was losing ground; we've come to help.

Birdy3: We're Birdy's past lives.

Ed: Uh, I don't think Buddhism works like that...

Birdy3: We're his past lives. You want to start something, Raven?

Sarah: Hey! Where did you guys come from?

Bert the Pigeon: We came over from the train station.

Ernie the other Pigeon: Yep. Not much going on over there. Thought you might have some snacks or something over here in the park.

Bert: Yep. I says to Ernie, "Ernie," I says, "I bet there's some snacks over in the park."

Ernie: That you did, Bert.

Bert: Yep. Yep.

Sarah: I'm sorry, guys, but all I have is this bottle of ...something. I'm still not sure what it is.

Dogma: *sniff sniff* You know, this hand basket used to have sandwiches in it, or my sniffer is out of whack. I wonder what happened to them?

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