Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 15

Well, at least it's not another woodland critter.

Timmy: Wow! Look at all the am-in-als!

Ed: Uh-oh. Another kid? This can't be good.

Dogma: Quick, everyone! Act natural!

Timmy: OOOOH! A talking Do-GEE!

Dogma: "Woof." That is to say, "Bow Wow"

Ernie: Nice one. Face it, our cover's blown.

Birdy: Why were we trying to pretend we were normal animals again?

Ernie: I...uh....hey, it was the dog's idea. What up, dog?

Dogma: Sorry. Traditional appearances are important to me.

Sarah: So, do you have anything to do with this new kid, Owl?

Phil: Would you believe me if I said "No"?

Sarah: Probably not.

Phil: Well, too bad. This one's a mystery to me.

Timmy: Me want PLAY wif AM-IN-ALS!

Phil: Not the sharpest of tacks, is he?

Ed: You're just used to super intelligent freelance agents of evil that look like babies. This new kid is what...three? Four? He might be pretty smart for his age.

Phil: Let's see. Oh, child! Child! What's your name?

Timmy: TIMMY!

Phil: Well, Timothy, your animal friends are all hungry.

Timmy: Hungry?

Phil: That's right.

Bernie: Oy! Owl! Leave the boychik alone.

Timmy: Bird-DEE!

Brother Nutter: I say we eat him.

Bert: You are one twisted little critter. He's just a kid, and besides, he'd smash us.

Brother Nutter: There's what, six dozen of us animals now? I say we can take him. Dibs on his ears.

Phil: Now, now, everyone. Just calm down. Let me handle this. Timmy, would you like to feed your animal friends?

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