Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 17

Red, Blue, and Green birds. Aren't these guys trademarked by Viewsonic?

RGB: Popcorn! Looks like our timely arrival wasn't a moment too soon!

Timmy: Me feed all the Am-in-Als!

Bert: Quit bogarting the popcorn, Ernie!

Ernie: Screw you. I'm tired of being the nice one.

Birdy: There appears to be plenty for everyone...

Brother Nutter: Not if Tim-Tim here doesn't stop waving and start dishing, there's not.

Sarah: So that's it? Tim does a good deed and now he's a force for evil?

Dogma: He can always ask for forgiveness.

Sarah: For what? Being given stuff that he then used to feed the hungry? Seems like a selfless act of goodwill to me.

Dogma: Right. And if he truly repents, God will surely forgive him.

RGB: Quiet now. Eating.

Sarah: Owl, how can Tim be evil if all the animals love him?

Phil: I got the idea from the Eddie Murphy Remake of "Dr. Doolittle." No one can tell me Eddie Murphy isn't evil.

Dogma: I don't know about evil. Inept, maybe.

Sarah: I'm just confused. I've never seen a force for evil do so much good before.

Dogma: I might suggest that the owl, as well as Tim, are inept as well.

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