Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 18

Day 18 - and glory be, it's not another woodland critter! I guess Playmobil thought the human characters would be very bored by this point in the month, so they gave them a sled to play with.

Sarah: Another new toy - Owl, are you still bribing Tim?

Phil: Not "bribing" - I'm going to use this sled to prove my point.

Sarah: What point?

Phil: That no good deed goes unpunished.

Dogma: Why does that sound so familiar?

Mounds: Why don't you just leave the kid alone, Phil? It's not like he's done anything but agree with you.

Phil: But that's the point. He's sold his soul and is now my plaything.

Mounds: So you give him a sled?

Bernie: I think the meshuggener is sweet on the boychik.

Timmy: SLED! SLED!

Dogma: Well, at least his item-recognition skills are up to par.

Sarah: Yes, Tim, that's a sled.

Timmy: Me GO FOR RIDE!

Sarah: I've finally started drinking whatever is in this bottle, and frankly, the room is starting to spin a bit. I'm not really interested in hauling your punk ass all over town.


Sarah: Wow. You are evil. Or four. Maybe it's just that you're a kid.

Timmy: Sarah! Pleeeeeeeeease! Go FOR RIDE!

Dogma: Persistent little child, isn't he? That's a virtue, I think.

Sarah: Look, Tim-Tim, I'm not in the mood, okay? Why not talk to your "am-in-al" friends into helping?

Bernie: Oh, Sarah? Your mishpocha has gone walkabout.

Mounds: "Walkabout"? You're an Australian Jew?

Bernie: It could happen.

Sarah: This...this is not good.

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