Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 20

Okay, I suppose an angel is Holiday Themed. But this angel seems to be a Trekkie - and a big fan of Geordi LaForge. (Maybe that's supposed to be a halo or crown or something, but it only fits over her eyes. Poor design work if you ask me.)

Still, after yesterday's tragic storyline, I guess our cast will be glad to see some Angelic-intervetion.

Sarah: Damien! killed all these *hic* animals!

Damien: Yes, mother. It was time for them to die.

Sarah: Uh....I guess it'd be a bad idea to try and spank you or somethin'.

Damien: I wouldn't advise it.

Angel: Never fear, Sarah! This tragedy can be repaired!

Sarah: angel? In a pink dress? Am I dreaming? Am I still drunk? Pink angels...

Angel: No, Sarah! I'm here to counterbalance the darkness of this Advent Calendar! To fight darkness with light!

Sarah: How can you even see with that thing over your eyes? How are you supposed to *hic* fight?

Angel: Your eyes can decieve you. Don't trust them. Let go your concious self...and act on instinct!

Damien: Great. Jedi Mind-tricks. You will leave now, if you know what's good for you.

Angel: You hold no terror for me, evil one. Now...stand aside as I right that which is wrong.

Ed: Man! Check out the lightshow!

Angel: And thus is the history-eraser button well and truly PRESSED!

Sarah: She...brought everyone back. And tidied up the place at the same time! And I'm sober again!

Sarah: ...

Sarah: Damn.

Damien: This means nothing other than I get a second crack at all of them.

Ernie: Watch it, short stuff. There are a lot more of US than there are of YOU. And this time we'll see you coming.

Damien: You wish.

Angel: Please, Damien. Let things be! This Advent Season draws to a close, and the issue of Sarah's soul still hangs in the balance.

RGB: Do you see any way to wrap this up, Angel?

Angel: I can - but only if Sarah wishes it.

Sarah: I'm not agreeing to be good OR evil if I agree to this, am I?

Angel: No, Sarah. You're just agreeing to bring this storyline to a close. The choice will still be yours to make.

Sarah: Well...okay then. Let's start to wrap things up.

Angel: Just take my hand.....

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