Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 21

Okay. This is getting stupid. With only three boxes left on the calendar, Playmobil has given us two more birds. This brings the running total to:

Human-like Characters 4
Birds of Many Types 13
Mammals (Non-Human) 3

This is clearly goofy. Depending on how you count things, the Birds are just *barely* outpaced by scenery and accessories. I can't speak for anyone else, but in the future I'm going to take a look at the part inventory on the Playmobil calendar before I pick it up. If it's more animal-mayhem...I'm leaving it on the shelf.

Anyway. Back to the story.

Angel: Ah! The instrument of fate!

Sarah: Um...all I see are a couple of birds and a flute.

Angel: Yes! The instrument of fate!

Sarah: Which? The birds or the flute?

Angel: The flute, obviously. The birds are just more filler.

Sarah: So..."instrument of fate", eh? What...what do I do with it?

Angel: You don't do anything. It is a symbol of what needs to occur.

Sarah: You're not making any sense.

R2G2: If you build it, he will come.

Sarah: "He" who?

R2G2: We are merely the messenger. You'll just have to trust us and build it.

Sarah: Build what, exactly?

Timmy: ME play flute!

Angel: Lo! A sign!

R2G2: Yes! Yes! A sign!

Ed: I'm not following any of this.

Phil: That stupid Angel. She's going to screw up everything I've worked for.

Ed: Good.


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