Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 22

You know, I'm not quite sure what these things are supposed to be. Beyond the obvious description of "star and moon on sticks" there isn't a whole lot to work with here. Maybe it's a Danish thing. If someone has info on these, email me and I'll add it in.

Sarah: So...a bright flash of light and then....what?

Angel: Then we use these!

Phil: What are those?

Ed: I was hoping you knew.

Angel: They're summoning sticks!

Angel: We must build up a massive charge of Holiday Cheer - and these sticks will focus that energy and create a beacon.

Damien: A beacon? For who?

Angel: You'll see, evil one. You'll see.

Sarah: Well, my cheer level would be a lot higher if you hadn't sobered me up.

Angel: It couldn't be helped, Sarah. Your Cheer must be pure!

Timmy: I'm FULL of CHEER!

Angel: You sure are, Timmy! Good for you!

Bert: Whaddya think, Ernie? Should we trust the Gal in the Fram Oil Filter?

Ernie: She brought me back from the dead, Bert. I have a feeling we can trust her big-time.

Birdy: Or you can claim she yanked you back from your next Karmic level and she should be fought with all the will you possess.

Ernie: Yeah, that'll happen.

Angel: Please! Focus on the Christmas Icons! Together we can do this!

Mounds: What's in it for us?

Angel: The sooner we finish this storyline, the faster you can leave.

Mounds: Works for me.

Birdy2: Me, too. All together now....

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