Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 25

Sarah: Wow. A Funky Dance Contest. Who would have thought it would come to this?

Santa: It certainly wasn't was I was expecting, no.

Timmy: I love to dance!

Angel: That's nice, Tim, but Phil said he already had a dance partner lined up to represent Evil.

Santa: Ugh. That's one routine I'm not looking forward to.

Sarah: So...I just let them try and sway me through interpretive dance?

Santa: Actually, I think they're all planning to do covers of pop songs. There'll be very little "interpreting" going on, I fear.

Sarah: That's okay. I really don't like interpretive dance anyway.

Santa: Okay! This is running late, and I have places to be. Let's have the first dancers out onto the floor now.

Dogma: I drew the short straw, so I'll be staring everything off.

Sarah: And you're representing good?

Dogma: No, I'm representing Dogmatic Faith.

Sarah: But I thought this was supposed to be a Good Versus Evil sort of thing.

Birdy: Or Neither!

Sarah: Right. Or Neither. Are you doing "neither"?

Dogma: Well, no. Dogmatic Faith sort of has all those things in it...

Santa: So you're just wasting our time then?

Dogma: Can I at least do my dance? I've been working on it all morning.

Santa: Fine. Just make it quick, okay?

Dogma: As you wish. Let me just hook up my iPod to the Pipe Organ...

Dogma: Ahem. And....



Dogma: I say, who let...who.......ah, never mind.

Timmy: Why Doggie stop dancing?

Dogma: Because I still have a little pride left, Timothy. That's why.

Bernie: Oy, that was terrible.

Santa: I'm surprised she knew when to quit. That's rare for her type. Okay. Next! I understand the Buddhists would like to be heard?

Birdy: As a follower of the Buddhist faith, Sarah, I would urge you to Walk The Middle Path. To that end.....

Birdy Sings:

I never been too good at doing right
Done mostly wrong most all my life
I never found a place to settle down
Baby I do believe I found it now

RGB Brings in the Chorus:

I'm gonna walk that line - gonna tote that barge
gonna lift that bale - gonna work real hard
Doin' anything that you want me to
Baby I'm gonna walk that line for you

Ooooo Im gonna walk that line for you
Ooooo I'm gonna walk that line for you
Do anything that you want me to
Ooooo I'm gonna walk that line for you

Birdy: Thank yew. Thank yew verry much.

Sarah: What were RGB doing? A line dance?

Angel: Well, it'd be on-theme, anyway.

Sarah: I guess.

Timmy: Quit bogarting the popcorn, Santa!

Santa: Ah, they grow up so fast. Well, Angel, are you going to do your bit for "Good"?

Angel: You've got to be kidding me, Santa. Good is it's own reward. And by not making a fool of myself I'm sure I'll end up ahead of the curve.

Sarah: You may have a point there.

Timmy: Hey! Here comes EVIL!

Phil: Good evening, all. I'd like to introduce my associate, Damien. A few short weeks ago coming from a background, believe me, as conservably and traditionaly grounded in scientific fact as any of you, I began an experiment in... incredulous as it may sound... the reanimation of dead tissue.

Sarah: WHAT?

Phil: I said..."the reanimation of dead..." wait a moment. Sorry - wrong set of note cards. Someone must have left these in the hat. Hold on.

Angel: Ah, my victory is assured.

Phil: Ah. Here we go. Evil, Sarah, is more than just the ability to do naughty things when the urge strikes. No, EVIL is more. EVIL is fun. And to that end, Damien and I have worked up a dance routine that is a tribute to one of the greatest Song and Dance Routines of all time. AND we'll do it without any more of those crappy Animated GIFs.

Sarah: Well, you will get points for leaving out the GIFs.


Angel: Shhhh.

Phil: begin....

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
why don't you go where fashion sits,
Puttin' on the ritz.

Different types who wear a day coat, pants with stripes
and cutaway coat, perfect fits,
Puttin' on the ritz.

Dressed up like a million dollar trouper
Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper)

Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks
or "umberellas" in their mitts,
Puttin' on the ritz.

Damien: And now I set you on fire and you go on a rampage, right?

Phil: NO! We went over this! YOU get set on fire!

Damien: It ain' t happening. You suck, you know that?

Damien: I had this all planned out. We somehow win Sarah's Soul. I become her CHILD BRIDE. Together, we open the portal for the Old Ones. It was going to be classic.

Damien: But now...even after humiliating myself...I can't help but wonder if Evil is really my calling after all. Maybe I should go back to doing TV.

Phil: Well, um.....TA DA! What a great ending, eh?

Sarah: Owl, you're an idiot. Even I know that evil people can never work together well.

Phil: So you're not going to be evil?

Sarah: Not today.

Ed: Then I win! You're a force for good!

Sarah: Yeah, I guess so. If only EVIL wasn't so LAME.

Birdy: Still got that middle path open for ya, Sarah.

Sarah: Tell you what - catch me again in my next incarnation.

Bernie: You know, I don't think this Advent Countdown is going to go to series.

Santa: Nope. And that's the Happiest Ending of them all.


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