Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 4

Day four. So far the Playmobil calendar has given up a dead tree and two birds. What could today offer?

Well, on the plus side the box is pretty big, about twice the size of day two. So there's bound to be something better in there than just another bird or dead plant...

A person! A Playmobil Person! Yes! Score! And in winter clothing - it''s almost like a holiday-themed item! My faith in Humanity is restored!

Ed the Raven: Restored you say? That almost sounds like a challenge.

Phil the Owl: A Challenge? I like challenges. Particularly when there's something of value on the line. Say...this woman's soul.

Sarah: My...soul? Do I have a soul? I thought I was just a Playmobil figure!

Phil: Pish-posh. Of course you have a soul. But will it be a force for good, or of evil?

Ed: I'm betting on "Good".

Phil: Of course you would, you foul black-feathered ...wait. What? You're betting on "good"?

Ed: Yep. I may be dark, but that doesn't make me evil by default. In fact, I'm damn tired of always being taken for some sort of ill omen just because of my plumage. I'm not even emo, fer crying out loud.

Phil: But're the black raven ...there's tradition...

Ed: Screw tradition. I'm a force for light, and I bet Sarah here is, too.

Phil: What exactly are you betting?

Ed: I...what? How did this get turned around? We were talking about Sarah's soul here. That's stake enough.

Phil: Hardly seems sporting of you.

Ed: So what are you risking? Besides, aren't you rooting for her to be good as well? What's the point?

Phil: Oh, no. I hope she shows her true colors as a force for all things evil and scratchy.

Sarah: You're evil, Mr. Owl?

Phil: Quite so. I, too, defy color-based profiling. I am the chaos-bringer.

Sarah: I don't know about this guys. I'm far too new to the world - I just came out of my box minutes ago! Why must I be the fulcrum on which existence rests?

Phil: Full of yourself, aren't you? You're not important ...other than as the focus of our bet.

Ed: I have a feeling you're wrong, Owl. Very, very wrong.

Sarah: I am so confused right now.

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