Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 6

Day 6. Today's box is almost the size of Day 4 - a good sign that today's toy might me a bit more significant than birds and baskets. Let's open 'er up and see what we see...

A baby carriage! That is significant!

Sarah: You know, this is sort of a nice looking basket.

Phil: Oh, way too late for that, Sarah.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Phil: I can't speak for Good, but I know on the Evil side of things "second chances" aren't real popular. You HAD a chance to go with the small Basket of Evil. You refused me. I have no choice but to escalate things to the next level.

Sarah: "Next level"?

Phil: Look behind you.

Sarah: Oh. Crap.

Sarah: You wouldn't! You can't! I'm only a few days old! I can't be pregnant! I haven't even had sex yet!

Phil: I told you that you'd regret defying me.

Birdy: But she's right. Unless you're going the "immaculate conception" route, she can't be preggers. Besides - this Advent Calendar is only 24 days long - there's no time to gestate a fetus to term.

Ed: Dude, I don't think this storyline is going for "realism", you know?

Birdy: Be that as it may, I still say there's no way for a child to show up.

Phil: O RLY?

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