Here are the winners of the 2nd Annual Micropolis Building Challenge!


Entry #14:
Micropolis Refinery
by Jennifer Heaton

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BEST 1/4 Block Module

Entry #13:
Autobot Ark
by Tom Anderson

BEST Larger-Than-1/4 Block Module


BEST Twisted Time Module

Entry #17:
Down in Front! — At the Drive-In
by Peter “graznador” Aoun

The Time Twister event isn’t a total disaster. Everyone, no matter their home time or space, can enjoy a flick at the Micropolis Drive-In. Choose your favorite ride, grab some popcorn, and make sure to get there early.
You don’t want to park behind the prehistoric visitors.

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BEST Waterfront/Bluff Module

Entry #15:
USS Eldridge
by David “SuperDave” Runyon

Description: The USS Eldridge was a Cannon-class destroyer escort. It served in the United States Navy in World War II. During that time, it is rumored that the Eldridge was the test ship in a project known as the “Philadelphia Experiment.” Although accounts vary, some witnesses claim the Eldridge temporarily disappeared from the Philadelphia harbor in 1943 for a short period of time. Its appearance off the shore of Micropolis- several years after the ship was scrapped- suggests the Philadelphia Experiment either was more successful than previously acknowledged or some interaction between that experiment and Professor Millennium’s time twisting brought the ship to the present….


BEST Time Twister Disaster Module

Entry #18:
The Most Elevated Shrine of Saint Plumarius, Keeper of Eternal Peace.
by Gnilrednu

Description: King Rubric has arrived to commemorate the completion of this shrine of peace. But alas, the sands have caused the shrine to be desecrated, thus releasing the sands of time and a foul and immense creature that was bound in them. Chaos and destruction ensue; the  volcano that formed the bluff upon which the shrine is built is only being born, and the meteors that struck the earth to form the cavern underneath are only now falling. What madness!

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And a reminder of what they’ve won…

Major Awards

LEGO Set 7573
Battle of Alamut

LEGO Set 7572
Quest Against Time

LEGO Set 7572
Quest Against Time
Best in Show Best 1/4 Block
Larger-than-1/4 Block
Sub-Theme Awards
LEGO Set 7571
The Fight for the Dagger

LEGO Set 7570
The Ostrich Race

LEGO set 7569
Desert Attack
Best Twisted Time
Best Bluff/Waterfront
Time Twister Disaster