Sicko Santa - Day 13

"Almonds and Onions. And Garlic. "

When Elf Y picked up the "Lime and Chili" Almonds she also snagged a can of "Maui Onion and Garlic" flavored ones. The can proclaims that eating these nuts is "Smart Snacking."

Will our Elves agree?

Around went the can, samples were gathered...and the look of calm from the Elves said "This will be no problem. Those Lime and Chili ones were tasty. These could be good, too."

Elf M takes a moment to look thoughtful before snacking. Meanwhile, the rest of the Elves wonder what Elf Y has picked for a soundtrack for today's challenge (note her iPod).

As the first tastes were taken even the mild concern about this being a Sicko Santa challenge vanished. These ...these were good.

Even the hesitant elves, K2 and J were happy to share out these treats.

Elf I takes a big helping - perhaps to balance our her tiny portions of the less popular challenges.

Elf L is nothing but smiles. If only all the challenges could be this tasty!

The final tally? Well, with the elves comparing the challenge favorably to "real snack food", there could be only one outcome:

Overall Elf Evaluation:

I'll pick this up at the grocery store if I ever see it.

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