Sicko Santa - Day 20

Day Three: Parkerhouse Sagey Sausage

The final round of Elf R's MEATS OF EVIL. This final meat seemed the least challenging of the lot - the label identified it only as "Parkerhouse Sagey Sausage."

A quick trip to the internet shows that Sage Sausage is just pork sausage with heave sage seasoning - served lunchmeat style.

But this...this is "Sagey Sausuage". And Elf R wasn't about to give us a final challenge that wasn't...challenging.

Although none of us knew it at the time, this innocent looking meat was actually another version of the dreaded HEAD CHEESE.

The texture should have given that away. Although not as pronounced as the Kowalski version, there was still plenty of gelatin visible in the meat-mix, as well as those suspect "white blobs."

One final time the servings were passed out....

Elf R and Elf J were not too shocked by the taste or texture. "Very overpowering on the sage" was the common reaction.

Of couse, they did opt for the "on a cracker" option.

Elf I wouldn't eat any, as expected.

Elf A would shame them all with his daring "down the hatch" taste-test.

"Wait - this isn't''s....more head cheese!"

Overall Elf Evaluation:

Sagey it is. Good, it is not. Not something to seek out.

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