Sicko Santa - Day 23

Tube of Goo - and a Shark

Today's challenge was the last of the "Fear Factor" candy left in Sicko Santa's Cupboard of Doom. Although the elves had progressed beyond the point where mere "Sour Blue Raspberry" flavor could have an impact on them (as if they had ever been that skittish) there was some small hope that once again texture issues could bring about some disquiet.

To that end, the "Test Tube Acid Bath: Gooey gummy shark in sour ooze" entered the fray.

Things started out on the right note - as the gummy shark was poured from the tube is smacked into the waiting bown with a satisfying "schulpmp."


The looks were also up to par for a Sicko Santa challenge - the gummy looked half-dissolved and the goo did look....gooey.

Elf A did the honors of cutting up the shark into bite-sized chunks for each of the Elves.

Mmmm. Doesn't that look tasty?

Elf A: The ooze is a factor, but this is nothing. I was expecting more overall from something with the "Fear Factor" logo on it.

Elf M: I agree - I can't see kids pickings out this sort of candy because they like it, and it's not really gross enough to prompt anyone to pick them up on that basis either.

Elf J2: Eh. It tastes okay, for a candy gummy shark, that is.

Overall Elf Evaluation:

Can we move past the stupid candy, please?

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