Sicko Santa - Day 24

Piña minus the Colada.

Elf K had missed a few Challenges due to being out of town on business. Upon his return, he submitted a huge batch of items - the first of which we see today.

Broadening the international flavors of the Sicko Santa challenges, Elf K brought the Elves "Jarritos Piña" to try.

As you'd expect, "Jarritos Piña" was a pineapple flavored soda. Compared to the tastes previously encountered in the Jones Soda Line, the Elves were a bit nervous about this extra-national treat. Still, the bottle was divide and cups passed around.


Elf I: It's....normal!

Elf A: Muy Bueno...but the color of electric urine is most disquieting.

Elf J2: Not overly sweet - it tastes good.



Elf M: Tastes like.....I don't know what it tastes like. Not bad, though.

Elf R: Eh.

Elf V: Not bad.

And the final comment from Elf K:



Overall Elf Evaluation:

Well, I wouldn't buy it, but...

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