Sicko Santa - Day 26

Tender Cactus

Yes, Sicko Santa continues through the rest of December. And then, who knows? Are you enjoying the series? Drop me an email and let me know it's worth continuing.

Today's challenge is the first (and perhaps only) challenge that looks worse on the package than it did in reality. Part of ELF K's haul of doom, the elves would taste

Tender Cactus in Light Brine. If you look at the label above, the cactus looks like sickly green beans - a sort of "baby's first diaper" yellow/green. The actual cactus was a very deep green that looked very much like well-prepared green beans. The Elves were much relieved. And the taste? Well, let's hear from the Elves now:


Elf J2: I'd buy this, put it on salads. Very good, very tasty!

Elf V: Not a lot of taste beyond the pickling spices - but it'd be good on a hamburger.

Elf K: De-LISH!

Elf R (Not Shown): Good!

Elf M (also not shown; sometimes Santa forgets to take photos quickly enough) was not as happy:
It has an olive flavor to it, and I just don't like olives.

Elf I: Tastes like pickles!

Overall Elf Evaluation:

A 5:1 "Like It" - Everyone should give this a try

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