Sicko Santa - Day 31

The Final Challenge

Challenge Number 31 - a full month's worth of exotic (and common place) food tasted by the Elves. They had withstood squid, canned eggplant, and stuff even the label didn't help identify. They were veterans of the culinary wars, ready to take on whatever tastes the universe could throw at them.

Or so they thought.

For Sicko Santa had saved the best for last. A food so common place that it was picked up at the local grocery store. A food so stinky it arrived wrapped in two layers of plastic bags and a ziploc outer covering to try and keep the smell from filling Elf J's car on the drive in. (Not that it helped.)

A soft, spreadable challenge.

Limburger Cheese.

The outer wrappings came off, and the cheese itself began to be exposed by Elf A. The outer metallic wrapper was only the beginning - there were additional layers of waxed paper underneath. (Again, to control smell, I'd wager.)

Every layer of wrapping that came off allowed the stench in the room to become more complex, more earthy. Here, Elf J2 pinches her nose - it would remain pinched for the rest of the challenge.

At last: the cheese is reached. At this point Elf A's eyes are watering. The Elves express hope that this will be like the Monkey House at the zoo - that eventually they won't be able to smell the cheese anymore. This will NOT be the case.

Elf I calls it quits. Sicko Santa was luck to catch this snapshot as she raced from the room. Word has it she didn't return to the challenge area for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Elf A serves out the cheese.

As the portions were passed around the elves remained in high spirits - Elves K, M and B actually look anxious to try the cheese! Elf V, however would later reveal she thought Elf M was passing gas constantly and causing the smell. Until the cheese reached her and she knew true terror, that is.

Elf A tries his portion.

"It's as bad as the media would lead you to believe. Bitter."

Elf J2: This tastes like ASS. Just RUDE.

Elf R: Tastes more like VOMIT to me. The SMELL is all I can taste.

Elf K: The is the most disgusting taste I've experienced in my entire life.

Elf V: Tastes like someone - and I'm looking at you Elf M - passed gas.

Elf M: The taste is actually okay, but the smell is overwhelmingly bad.

Elf B: I'm not fond of the taste - OR smell.

Elf J2 throws up her hands - she must leave the room or "return the cheese" that she's managed to eat.

But wait! What's this?!? Someone is digging into the cheese with a hungry look on her face!

Elf A expresses his astonishment! It's ELF K2!!! She heard about the Limburger and has come to eat! She LOVES teh LIMBURGER!

Sadly, the shots of Elf K2 enjoying her snack didn't turn out. But take our word for it, she loved the stuff. She even claimed the leftovers and finished them all off before leaving for the day.


Overall Elf Evaluation:


So what did we learn? That even the slinkiest, most horrifying food can be tasted. And that sometimes, just sometimes, you'll find out that you like it after all. Seems our parents may have been right after all.

THE END....for now.


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