Sicko Santa - Day 5

"Chuck Bucket "

The Pork Flavored Gummi from Day two was pretty bad. It wasn't as horrid as some had hoped, but no one was calling it "tasty."

Day five brought back the "Fear Factor" candy line with a new entry: The Sour Cherry Chuck Bucket. Served up in a collectible tin pail, each serving consisted of two "blood balls" served in a gooey red sauce.

Again, fearing small serving sizes compared to number of Elves, Sicko Santa picked up two buckets.

Each bucket had a smaller plastic "serving glass" inside - the Elves opted to dump everything into one cup, after dividing up the "clots" into enough pieces so everyone could "enjoy."

The fright began when we discovered just how hard to cut the clots were. We went through three knives before we found one sharp enough to divide them. Later, we found that there was a "grain" you could follow - the last two balls were split with greater ease - but with sour looks aplenty from Elf A who was doing the cutting.



In turn, each Elf was passed the cup of red goo filled with chopped up red gunk. And each took a heaping spoonful. Elf A had no problems, but was "unhappy" with having to eat this stuff.

As expected, Elf I had a hard time with this one. Everyone else had to keep a close eye out to keep her from spitting the gunk out into her napkin. Elf M, to her right, quaffed his with no real problem.

Elf J had a rough time of it as well. "It's the goo!"

Finally, here's a shot of Sicko Santa (Chris) himself taking a turn at the bucket. You can tell how happy he is.

The general consensus was that the cherry taste was "medicinal", reminding many of the Elves of Robitussin. The "balls" were just the right consistency for pure evil, but it was the gooey red sauce that really set this challenge apart.

We were glad to get past this one alive.

Overall Elf Evaluation:

oh, MAN, was this nasty.

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