Sicko Santa - Day 6

"Veggie Boo-TAY "

Elf M brought in today's challenge: "Robert's American Gourmet" presents: Veggie Booty with Spinach and Kale

The package proclaims that this fare is "YES", "PUFFED Rice and Corn" and "VEGETARIAN". Meanwhile, a whisper thin Pirate stands to the side thinking: "Crunchy", "Good Provisions" and "Shiver Me Timbers" and "Aye Aye".

Personally, I think they were trying a bit too hard on the Pirate Theme. I mean, really, "Shiver Me Timbers"?

Also, what's with the "YES" on the left side of the package? It's in a little ribbon of its own, suggesting it's an award of some sort.


Sort of an anti "Just say NO" message? Possibly.

Anyway, compared to yesterday's ooze the Veggie Booty were easy to share out. Just open the bag and pass.

The Booty itself went down easy - perhaps too easy. The flavor was best summed up by Elf M: "They taste like rice cakes."

There was a light flavor of Spinach provided by the green dusting on top of the puffs, and a slight aftertaste was noted. No one was quite sure if they detected the taste of "Kale" or, honestly, what "Kale" even was.


Elf A, however, was completely addicted to them. "They taste okay, but I can't stop eating them. I don't want to eat them. Yet, here I am reaching for even more. It's uncontrollable." Elf A also took a moment to check the nutritional values on the bag - "These are just as bad as potato chips!" which helped Elf I nail the aftertaste - "They're OILY!"

At the end of the tasting there was nearly half a bag of puffs remaining. They were put in the office kitchen to let the other staff nibble on them. Or such was the plan. When Sicko Santa returned to work the next day he found that Elf A had grabbed the bag and eaten the rest all by himself. At least he confessed.


Overall Elf Evaluation:

Not great, but you can't stop eating them. YES.

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