Sicko Santa - Day 9

"I...had.....the Lime of my Life.... "

When Elf Y joined the crew she contributed a couple of items right off the bat. The first are these Almonds. Not just normal almonds, oh no. These are almonds with Lime and Chili flavoring.

No, not like "Five alarm Chili with beans" - Chili as in the peppers.

Now this particular flavoring style has been around for a while; Sicko Santa himself is a big fan of it on pistachios. But ...almonds? Would the two very different tastes be able to meet in the middle somehow? Would they war on our tongues? Would we be racing for the restroom?

After all, Elf Y had found these on clearance ...probably because no one else would eat them. Still, they seemed to be more flavorful than the Banana chips from the last challenge, so the Elves were happy to tear into them.

Elf M found the flavors to "go well together" - further adding "these are, actually, pretty good." In a rare moment of relief, most of the Elves were reaching for second helpings - the can of nuts went around the table a couple of times. Elf K just make yummy snacking sounds and gave us a "thumbs up".

Elf Y was not afraid of her own offering - "You have to have a bunch at once - the flavors are better that way."

Yes, it was a moment of joy and love for Elves - all brought on by the strange mix of Almonds and Lime.

This joy was not to last. The next challenge was to return the Elves to a much more somber...and queasy...state.

Overall Elf Evaluation:

I like 'em.

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