Welcome to Reasonably Clever's Tarot. Possibly the goofiest attempt at a custom-made tarot deck. Ever.

Before we begin, let me stress once again that the LEGO Group has nothing to do with this little project of mine. These cards were developed for my own personal enjoyment and as a tribute to all things LEGO®. I don't have anything for sale here. That means: "No, you can't buy a deck of these cards." And that's pretty much my disclaimer. Please drive safely, offer void in Utah, don't mix old and new batteries.

Why a LEGO® Based Tarot?

Out of all the different things out there, why the heck would anyone take the time to make a tarot deck out of LEGO®? Well, mainly, because I hadn't seen it done yet. And I did quite a few searches looking for them on-line.

Plenty of Star Wars and Star Trek out there. There's even a masterfully done deck featuring the Peanuts Characters. But no LEGO®. Oh, there were a couple of places where people suggested making a deck out of them, or had them on a "to do" list. But nothing concrete...

...Until now, that is.

(As an odd bit of trivia, this deck was nearly postponed for a PEZ® Tarot. But, perhaps luckily, I couldn't figure out many cards past using the Bride and Groom for The Lovers.)

Explore the Deck

There is a detail page for every card exploring meaning and divinations, as well as a bit of inane chatter from the author. There is a section for the Major Arcana, as well as for each of the Minor Suits. There is also a "Rejects" section that details some of the revisions the deck went through while in development.


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