Eight of Swords


This card signals repression of the emotions. Inability to develop our consciousness and intelligence. Inability to see the consequences of our thinking.

Author Commentary:

Rider-Waite has a blindfolded, bound female figure surrounded by eight swords for this card. I thought about adhering to that, but I knew if I didn't take this opportunity to put in my LEGO dragon, he probably wouldn't get used.

I also love the LEGO face on this figure (it's the flip side of the Mary Jane face that comes with the Spider-Man themed Green Goblin set). I think it captures the mood I was going for quite well.

The Swords suit doesn't really contain any cameos of people I know in real life, but I did have a person in mind while crafting the mini-figure for this card.

I'd tell you who it was, but that'd be cheating.


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