I - The Magician


A card of self-reliance, beginnings, and initiations. Also entrepreneurial capacity and expertise.

Author Commentary:

I debated using licensed LEGO properties in the cards for a while. They'll "date" the set to the early 2000's, for one thing. And relying on the significance of the characters as opposed to basing the imagery on well-picked "standard" figures can make the cards less universal in their acceptance.

But, I rationalized, some images are just too good to pass up. And this is my deck, I get to make up the rules.

Even if you don't know the backstory of Harry, I think you still get the theme of the card. The figure could just as easily be Tim Hunter from Books of Magic, for example.

This was the second card I created, and it pretty much assembled itself easily into the vision I had for it. The lighting effect on the wand was a happy accident that I ended up using on several cards.

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