Page of Swords


This card suggests the re-examination of our ideas, opinions, attitudes and philosophies. Incoming news that can be unexpected and sometimes upsetting.

Author Commentary:

With the Court of Swords firmly established in the Star Wars universe, Luke became the obvious choice for Page. Shown here on Tattooine, he's not quite a knight, certainly not a king, and is due for some "Incoming upsetting news."

My other idea for this card was to use the "No! That's not true! That's impossible!" facial contortion luke from the tail end of Empire. And have Luke's missing hand echo Vader's in Justice.

Two things stopped me - 1) It would give this card a completely different look than all the other court cards. And two, there's no LEGO face in existence that looks like Luke's in that scene.

Also note the teeny R2 and 3PO in the background.

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