II - The High Priestess


The focus of this card is on Waiting, Unconscious Awareness, Potential, and Mystery.

Author Commentary:

This card showcases Nikki, a friend I've had since...well, let's just say "a long time." Nikki is one of the most creative people I know and I wanted to capture that in this card. The focal point of this card is on Nikki's ability to express the Potential in things - to understand the possibilities, seeing what is possible. To me, the mark of a true artist. Well, that and being in touch with that Unconscious Awareness, that pipeline from the under-brain that makes art more than just paint spattered on a canvas. (Unless you happen to be Jackson Pollock, in which case paint spattered canvases were the result of unconscious awareness. But I digress.)

This was the first diorama I built specifically for the Brick Tarot - I wanted to move away from the "real world photography" that served as a background in the Reasonably Clever Tarot, and my LEGO brick collection had grown to the point where it made things relatively easy to put a scene together.

As you can see in the photo above the "set" for this card is a bit larger than the card allows for. I was glad I was able to include the paint-splatters on the floor into the image, though.


Another angle on the set - you can see I added a second window. I like this angle, but you can't see the figure's face which sort of defeats the point of basing it on a particular person.

Speaking of the face; this is a non-modified LEGO Alpha-Team head - what you can't tell due to the angle is that this face also has a huge microphone/headset on. In the previous deck I used this head on the Empress card - and had to digitally remove the headset. This time I figured I could let clever angles do the work for me.

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