X - The Wheel of Fortune


A card of Destiny, Turning Points, Movement, and Personal Vision

Author Commentary:

Another card featuring a real-life friend of mine. Lex was featured in the classic deck as The Star, and I considered just revising the imagery and leaving here there. However, since I wanted to incorporate her love of motorcycles into the new deck moving her to the Wheel of Fortune made a lot more sense.

Even though the wheel may have become dislodged in the card, Lex is always a figure in motion to me. Think of the imagery as a turning point - Lex will soon be back on her way to meet her destiny.

As to the construction of the card, this is the same curve of road that first appeared in The Chariot. Lex's cycling outfit and purple bike came from the Batman Vs Catwoman set - but I replaced the pinkish toned head with a more classic LEGO Minifig-Yellow.

If you look closely at the pulled back shot below you'll see that Lex wasn't traveling without a helmet. She's just taken it off to get a better look at the situation.

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