Ace of Wands


A card of concentrated energy, good health and inspiration.

Author Commentary:

This is another card that features on of my on line friends; this time Wendy of Wendy and her daughter are vegans so I wanted to show them enjoying some plastic produce. (Aren't those LEGO brand carrots just the cutest thing?)

My first draft of this card had it in the major arcana as "Temperance" - as seen in the shot at right. It was a pretty good fit - but I think the combo of "Good Health" and "Veggies" fit much better. So I added a shovel to serve as the single "wand", too another batch of source photos, and moved things over here.

Speaking of the shovel as a wand - when I was making the first version of my deck, I decided that any long-handled implement would count as a wand, not just the "stick with a star on top" item that LEGO had produced. It opened up more possibilities for illustrations. And, frankly, the "stick with a star on top" piece is kind of boring after a while.

The set for this card was the third built for the deck - and once again I designed things so that it would have been better had the deck been done in "landscape" rather than "portrait". On the other hand, I think you really do get a feel that the scenery extends well past what you're seeing in the card's image, that you're looking into a little Brick World.

As you can see in the two photos above, I built the front facade of a house, and a lot more of the yard than the card lets you see. There's even a "back wall" to the house (in blue) to provide some sort of visual stop point if you're looking in through the windows.

Strangely, Wendy's daughter is wearing the same shirt Chuck is wearing in The Magician. The sailboat: a powerful and common image in the Brick World.

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