Saturday, December 6, 2008

Episode 578

Read the comic here.

Poor Donut. "Voice of Reason" is never going be a useful role in this strip.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you think that the two ske3letons are ganna make-out!?!

December 6, 2008 12:46 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Are you the same Anon who said "I think so..." 6 times in the City calendar's comments? If so you're not making good first impressions.

December 6, 2008 1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think so...

December 6, 2008 2:17 PM  
Anonymous somesome said...

city 5+6 is quite good for a lego advent.i was using 6 as a dersert trorley before it came to me 5 could goon top of it

December 6, 2008 2:28 PM  

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