I had the privilege of being involved with three presentations at BrickWorld Chicago in 2011. This page is a way for curious folks to download a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentations used in those panels.

Storytellers – The Art of Brick Comic Making

Presenters: Chris Doyle, Derek Almen and Dennis Price

Three webcomic authors show you how to go from simply making a model to creating a world — and sharing it over the Internet. Character creation, set building, and photography tips will help you improve your skill and enjoyment of the Lego hobby. In addition to discussing all aspects of how brick-based comics are created, Chris Doyle, Derek Almen, and Dennis Price will introduce you to the wide variety of offerings presented by members of the Brick Comic Network. Authors unable to attend Brickworld will also be on hand via video conferencing over the Internet.

Archive of Presentation: bcn.pdf

I Can See Through What You Did There

Presenters: Alyska Bailey Peterson and Chris Doyle

Join AFOLs Alyska Bailey Peterson and Chris Doyle for a presentation on one of the more neglected parts of the LEGO color palette – translucent bricks! We’ll cover a couple of different building styles, demonstrate how to combine colors and vary parts to diversify your palette, and talk about other unique uses for the parts you can see through.

Archive of presentation: Transparent.pdf

Nice Part Usage and You

Presenter: Chris Doyle

More simply: NPU and U. We all know you can build almost anything from LEGO brick…but knowing how to make the most of the parts available can help a so-so creation become an outstanding one. In this presentation we’ll explore some of the best “Nice Part Usage” (NPU) from recent years and discuss tips and tricks for seeing your stash of brick from new angles.

Archive of Presentation: npu.pdf