Quote of the day: One is never alone if you have a magic hotdog.

Turn Nineteen

Another Day, Another Door

Player O: …And this is?
C:  It’s part of a little train. Look at the front of the box.

Man with Hotdog, a figure study

Player O: A vehicle. I can make use of that.
Player B:  With WHO? Your sweater guy is all alone.
Observer A:  One is never alone if you have a magic hotdog.

Ho Ho Horrible

Meanwhile, ShoweringSanta is still stranded. “Ho Ho Ho This Sucks.”

The Handoff

FormerBreadBabe hands the plate to Frosty. (He’s faster with the scooter.)

To and Fro

Everyone moves!

Back into battle

Tommy is heading back towards the Emporium.

The only way to travel

CraneCat takes the Potter-Porter to the third floor of the Emporium.

Man on a cart.

Sweaterman ditches the hotdog and mounts the Red Cart…

They see me rollin', they hatin'

…and rolls out.

Army Building: Day 19

Player B: I got a Dude! He’s a Knight!


Blackie HEROICALLY REVIVES the Prince.


Blackie and the Barmaid then each grab one of the bowling balls.


Skelly grabs a gem!


Player B: I’ve added Chaos Gems to the SpearCart. It’s now a Teleporter.


The RedKnight heads out on foot, however.

Fancy meeting you here.

MaceMan and FrogMech move up.

MMM. Tasty.

The CHAOS PIG has reached the Emporium, but is distracted by some flowers.

At the end of Turn 19 the scores are still tied – but those numbers are about to start changing.

TURN 19 Player O Player B
Items At Base Female Manikin, Red Gem, Red Gem, Green Box Tophat, Blue Pants, Blue Bottle, Blue Hat