LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 12

Today's Prize
Trevor Rainman

There does appear to be a pattern emerging for this year's Advent Calendar. Each little "Theme" seems to control three doors - with the exception of "Law Enforcement" that only had two. But Axe Wielding Maniac (Fireman, to the rest of you), Crook, and Construction Worker each had a three-door run at things. And, further establishing that pattern, today's door looks to be starting off a new theme: Trains.

Say "Hello," to Trevor Rainman, or, as he prefers to be called "T." He comes complete with snazzy hat, two signal wands and an extra red 1x1 dot. I think I'll call the the extra bit "Dotty". Isn't she cute?

How will T interact with the rest of the Advent Calendar, already in progress?

Officer Grumpypants: Hello. Are you the CSI Agent we called for?

T. : Maybe.

Officer Grumpypants: What's you're name?

T: Trevor Rainman - but you can call me "T".

Ace the Bathound: "MR. T"???? I LOVED THE A-TEAM!

T: No, no, no. Just "T".

Ace: *thinks for a moment*

Ace: "T. Rainman"? As in .....Trainman? As in "Trainman the Batman Villain"? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

T: *backing away slowly* No - no - I put all that behind me! I'm on 100 hours of community service!

Officer Grumpypants: As a CSI Agent??? "Trainman" sounds more like a porn name to me.

T: I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a PG-Rated Countdown, so I'm going with the CSI option.

Officer Grumpypants: Fair enough.

Officer Grumpypants: Well. Okay, let's see what you can do. We arrived at the crime scene and found this fellow, the Axe Wielding Maniac, in a state of severe decapitation.

T: Hmmm. Let me wave these wands over him and see what I can find out.....


*slurp munch chew*

Man Eating Safe: Hey .....isn't that my old Sidekick, Trainman?

To be Continued! Or maybe not! You never really know, do you?

Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 9
Parts to Go: 91

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